Handcrafted Writing Instruments

Shawn TackaberryHi. My name is Shawn Tackaberry. By day, I'm a computer network analyst. By night, amongst other things, I turn pens.

I've been working with wood for many years, ever since I built my first night table in high school. Mostly, I've build cabinets and other small projects. This past year, I've discovered pen making. I ran out and bought a lathe and several specialized pen making tools and turned my first pen. A slimline Mahogany. I stood back and marveled at what I had created. It was a work of art. A testament to centuries of innovation and beauty. It was a weapon that created documents of war. It was a lover that created sonnets and poems. It was <insert trumpets and fanfare> ....... a pen.


Ok, it wasn't that exciting and I did mess up the finish but hey, I was still pretty happy with it. Since that historic moment, I have turned many more pens. Now that I have learned how to finish them properly, I have made different styles from not only many exotic woods, but also acrylics and even deer antler. It's been more than just a hobby of making pens, it's been an education in woods, acrylics and even photography.

In the future, I'm going to continue to turn pens, bottle stopper, bowls and the like with more interesting and challenging materials.

Thanks for coming by.